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Scary Cake

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Marshmallow Ghosts
4 whites egg
250 g caster sugar
70 g water
8 g
1 pinch salt
1 bag vanillina powder
10 g dark chocolate
for sprinkling icing sugar
Cocoa sponge
5 eggs
120 g plain flour
30 g Cocoa powder
150 g sugar
1 pinch salt
1 pinch bicarb
250 g whipped cream

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Scary Cake

Trick or treat?1?

  • Medium


  • Marshmallow Ghosts

  • Cocoa sponge



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Marshmallow ghosts

Soak gelatine in cold water until it becomes soft (10 minutes). Squeeze gelatine and dissolve it in a couple of tablespoons of boiling water, then set it aside.
In a saucepan pour water, addfsugar, mix and bring to boil: with a thermometer, measure the temperature which should be 120*.
While sugar is cooking, whip the egg whites with salt and vanillina. When they are white and fluffy, add sugar cooked at 120*, then add gelatine, whipping continuously until the mass is cold.
Put the mass in a pastry bag with a smooth and wide nozzle and then squeeze a ghost about 5- 6 cm in high on a tray.
With melted dark chocolate make the eyes and mouth on the ghosts.
Sprinkle them with icing sugar.
Leave your ghosts inn airtight container for at least 3 hours.


Cocoa sponge

Preheat the oven to 165*. Line a round tin cake.
Beat eggs with sugar, salt and bicarb in a stand mixer for 20 minutes.
Add slowly flour, previously sifted with cocoa powder. Mix until well combined.
Pour the mixture into the cake tin.
Bake it for 35 minutes to 165* ( static oven)
Let cool completely on the wire rack.


Make your Scary Cake

Whip the cream.
Cut your sponge horizontally in half. Spread whipped cream and place the other half of the cocoa sponge on top>
Now it is time to garnish your cake with the ghosts. Use all the marshmallows you need to fill your cake and make it as scary as possible!


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