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My husband Valerio and I will be waiting for you in Soriano nel Cimino, located in the heart of Tuscia (north of Lazio). Soriano is our home and we know all the secrets of this land. Here we will enjoy one of the most beautiful Historical Festivals of Italy La Sagra delle Castagne.

We will be spending 8 nights  in a beautiful Historic House, situated in Soriano nel Cimino, Casina degli Specchi. Here,  every morning we will enjoy rich and relaxing breakfasts. I will also organise an unforgettable dinner in the most suggestive room of Casina. I recommend to bring with you an elegant dress for this occasion.

Every day we will visit different  medieval villages, magical forests and renaissance villas with our guide Anna Rita. She was born  in the heart of Tuscia. She is Tourist Guide of Regione Lazio and a  registered Environmental Excursion Guide. Her greatest satisfaction is to read the amazement and gratitude of the visitors that she accompanies to discover the artistic-natural treasures of her Tuscia.





We will make all our transfers with the professional private driver Alessandro and his Mercedes Viano.


During our tour we will be eating in many restaurants, trattorie and osterie. We will taste traditional and local food, bud also fine dining food in two rated Restaurants Michelin Star: Danilo Ciavattini , Casa Iozzia.

During our magical experience  we will be visiting  Sergio Mottura Winery, considered  the greatest interpreter of "Grechetto" in the world. He will take us through the vineyards and after that we will enjoy a tasting-dinner in his beautiful and elegant farmhouse.

Please note, this bespoke tour is designed for a maximum of 10 people and a minimum of 6.

Bookings are open until the 30th of June.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact me via email or direct on my Instagram profile.






Day 1

Date : October 10, 2020

Time : 3:00 pm


- 3:00 pm Welcome at "Casina degli specchi ", our boutique accomodation. Luisa, the owner and the manager of this luxury bed and breakfast, will show the villa and your beautiful bedrooms.
- 7:00 pm We will have a Typical Dinner at "Nobile Contrada Trinità"
- 9:30 pm Rievocazione storica (Piazza V. Emanuele 3). It is the most suggestive event of La Sagra delle castagne and evokes, with a series of scenic paintings, the main historical events happened in Soriano nel Cimino between 1200 /1489.

Day 2

Date : October 11, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli Specchi"
- 10 am We will have a tour of Soriano nel Cimino with our guide.
- 12 :30 pm Surprise lunch
- 15:00 Corteo Storico (Piazza V.Emanuele 3) The historical procession is amazing, with more than 700 people who will parade in rich medieval and Renaissance costumes. After the parade we will walk around the village eating roasted chestnuts.
- 6:30 pm Aperitivo at "La Luigina"
- 7:30 pm Dinner at "Palazzo Catalani Ristorante" a beautiful restaurant in an old Renaissance palace.

Day 3

Date : October 12, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli Specchi "
- 10:00 am We will visiting Civita di Bagnoregio "La Città che muore" with our guide.
- 1:30 pm We will have a traditional lunch at "La Cantina d'Arianna", my favourite restaurante in the little village.
- 4:30 pm: Civitella d'Agliano and Mottura Winery
- 6:00 pm : We will enjoy a beautiful tour of the winery with Sergio Mottura and after we will have a fantastic dinner in his restaurant.

Day 4

Date : October 13, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli Specchi"
- 10:00 am Driving to Viterbo and exploring the medieval city. Viterbo is the best preserved medieval city in the world, called The city of the popes.
- 1:00 pm lunch in Viterbo at "Danilo Ciavattini Ristorante" rated 1 star Michelin restaurant
-In the afternoon we will walk around Viterbo.
- 5:00 pm back to Soriano nel Cimino
-7:00 pm Dinner at "Rottezzia Osteria" with traditional food.

Day 5

Date : October 14, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli Specchi"
- 10:00 am A relaxing day at "Terme Salus" in Viterbo.
- 5 pm back to Soriano nel Cimino
- 7 pm Dinner at "Casina degli specchi" Valerio and I will organise a delicious and romantic dinner in one of the most beautiful room of "Casina degli specchi". We will make handmade pasta and typical local dishes.

Day 6

Date : October 15, 2020

Time : 10:30 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli specchi"
- 10:30 am Exploring "Tenuta di S.Egidio" an historical and naturalistic forest in Soriano nel Cimino. During the visit we will have a nice "merenda" with typical biscuits and coffee.
- 1:00 pm a delicious lunch at "Il Carolino" the oldest trattoria in Soriano nel Cimino.
If it is a nice day we will have lunch in the terrace with a view of the village.
- 2:30 pm Driving to Bagnaia and visiting Villa Lante with our guide.
Villa Lante was build during the 16th century. It is the most complete and perfect example, imitated over the centuries, of Italian's Garden, designs by Vignola
- 7:30 pm dinner at "Casa Iozzia" rated 1 star Michelin restaurant in Vitorchiano.

Day 7

Date : October 16, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at "Casina degli specchi"
- 10:00 am Driving to "Parco dei Mostri" or Sacred Wood in Bomarzo . It is a unique artistic and cultural place. A magical forest where you can admire huge statues and where "ogni pensiero vola".
- 1:00 pm lunch at "Osteria Belvedere" a typical restaurant build inside the wine cellar of a historical 17th century palace, in Bassano in Teverina.
- 3:00 pm Visiting Bassano in Teverina
-5:00 pm back to Soriano nel Cimino
-8:00 pm "Convivium Secretum " a food and wine journey through local dishes inspired by medieval and renaissance culinary tradition.

Day 8

Date : October 16, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


- Breakfast at 'Casina degli specchi"
- 10:00 am Driving to Caprarola and visiting "Villa Farnese". It is a mannerist wonder, an aristocratic retreat, a delightful villa and a fortified residence, designed by Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola.
- 1:00 pm Lunch at "Croma Lago" a restaurant situated in the hearth of Monti Cimini, with a beautiful view overlooking the Lago di Vico.
3:00 pm Driving to Chia and visiting "Torre di Pasolini and Waterfalls". Here we will visit the summer holiday house of P. P. Pasolini following by a Merenda break with typical biscuits and drinks.
At last, we will admire the waterfall of Fosso Castello along the rest of a Medieval village.
- 6:00 pm back to Soriano nel Cimino
- 7:00 pm typical local dinner at "Taverna dell'Orso"

Day 9

Date : October 18, 2020

Time : 10:00 am


Breakfast at "Casina degli Specchi"

  • Tour is all- inclusive price
  • all breakfasts
  • all meals ( lunch and dinner) and drinks
  • aperitivo
  • accommodation in a luxury B&B
  • transfers ( private driver with Mercedes van)
  • fees entry
  • guide
  • fees entry for "Terme Salus"
  • Flight  tickets
  • transfer from and to the airport
  • Spa Treatments at "Terme Salus"
  • lunch at "Terme Salus"
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