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Colomba with chocolate drops

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1 grated lemon zest
1 grated orange zest
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon rum
2 small bags vanilla powder essence
" Glassa"icing
2 egg whites
25 g almond
25 g hazelnuts
50 g raw sugar
8 g polenta flour
15 g maizena flour
Colomba dough
500 g plain or Manitoba flour
140 g sugar
90 g milk
3 eggs
180 g soft butter
10 g dry yeast
8 g salt
100 g dark chocolate drops
1 spoon almod
2 spoons granella di zucchero

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Colomba with chocolate drops

  • Medium


  • Aroma

  • " Glassa"icing

  • Colomba dough

  • Garnish





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Making aroma

Mix, in a little bowl, grated lemon zest and orange, honey, vanilla and rum. You can make this aroma even two hours before making Colomba. Keep it in the fridge.


Making Colomba's icing

Blend almond, hazelnuts and sugar. After pour everything in a bowl with polenta and maizena flour, mix. Add egg whites and whisk until everything. Keep it in the fridge.


Making Colomba dough

Sift flour, sugar and dry yeast in a bowl for a stand mixer.
Add milk and mix.
Add the aroma that you previously made and mix.
Star adding one egg per time only when the first one is completely combined you can add the other one. The dough now is really sticky.
Now it is time for butter. Cut soft butter into small cubes. Add it like eggs, in three times. Add more butter only when the first one is well combined. Add salt with the last part of butter.
To string the dough, let it work for 2 minutes at full speed.
Last step is to add chocolate drops.
Pour the dough on a floured bench and make a few folds.
Now it is time to "pirlare" the dough: give to your dough a round shape.
Let it rise in a bowl covered. It will take from 3 to 6 hours to double the dough... so be patient !


Making Colomba shape

When the dough has double, pour it on the benching divide intinto two equal parts. One of these parts will be the body of Colomba. Divide the other part into two other equal parts, they will be the wings.
Let your colomba rise in paper mould for at lets 2 hours.

When it has become double it is time to sprinkle your "glassa", that we made previously, on the colomba and garnish it with almonds and granulated sugar.
Bake for 55 minutes in a preheated oven to 180*


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