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Cacio e pepe Risotto with broad beans

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Adjust Servings:
380 g carnaroli rice
120 g clean broad beans
generous pepper
1 table spoon butter
generous pecorino romano
1l veggie broth
for season salt

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Cacio e pepe Risotto with broad beans

  • Gluten Free

Broad beans, cacio e pepe is always a winning combination!

  • Serves 4
  • Medium




While I peel broad beans for my risotto I smile because I think back…even if I was a child and many years have gone by, the memory of my father and my grandfather “covered” of broad beans husk is still alive !



I smell ( or rather it stink for me)of fresh pecorino, bought fresh in the morning at the market and scent of broad beans just picked from the countryside…but above all I remember their happy and satisfied faces from simple but delicious lunch… how much they loved broad beans and pecorino cheese with “pizza scrocchiarella”!

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Shell the broad beans and brown them for a few minutes in a a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
Tast pepper in a casserole, then add and melt the butter.
In the pepper flavoured butter, toast rice.
When rice is toasted cover it with broth. After a few minutes add plenty of pecorino. Mix well with a wood spoon and continue to add a bit of broth and a bit of pecorino until the rice is cooked.
Then add the broad beans cut into very small pieces and another whole. Mix well.

Serve hot with a sprinkling of pepper and pecorino.... and of course!a glass of cold white wine!


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